Mini Credit

As One of the most Menacing / Coolest roles in the Star Wars Universe, You will start out as a Bounty Hunter, Taking Down whomever you are asked to ... for the right price of course.

You can get yourself a Blaster by Typing

/shot get blaster

To rank up to AdvBountyHunter, You will need to Obtain 15 Experience (XP) points, by completing BountyHunter Quests on Coruscant.

As an AdvBountyHunter You have use of Bombs.

/shot get bomb

To rank up to ProBountyHunter, You will need to get yourself 300 minicredits by defeating Certain NPCs, (they will drop the Mini credits)

As a ProBountyHunter You have use of a Cannon

/shot get cannon

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