As a Rebel Your Enemy is the Empire, And You will do whatever it takes to Stop them.

But You wont do it alone. You can have a Droid to help you out. Type:

/droid (you can then choose and name a droid that will follow you )

You will be able to carry a blaster, Type:

/shot get Blaster

To become a RebelCommando You will need to obtain 15 experience (XP) points by Doing Rebel Quests from Coruscant.

As a RebelCommando You will be able to use a Sniper Rifle. Type:

/shot get sniper

To become a RebelGeneral you will need to do 2 very important things. 

1, Go to Yavin4 and Talk to Cassian for a quest

2, Go to Scarif and find the Deathstar Plans

As a RebelGeneral You will not only be in charge of the lower ranks, but you will be able to use Airstrikes.

/shot get Airstrike

Throw the airstrike item, and get out of there asap

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