Starting Your Role as a SithAssassin, You will Have No powers but will be on the road to becoming the one of the most powerful Roles in the game. 

To advance to a SithMaster, You must do a series of Quests to Gain experience (XP) , Once You have 15 XP

You will Rank up to the Role of SithMaster.

As a SithMaster , You will be able to Run Very Fast and Jump Very High. (Holding the Shift key). Nor Will you take Fall Damage.


To Advance to SithLord, You must Travel to Tython, and Combat two Force Ghosts to obtain a RED and GOLD Holocron Cube.

Once You have those specific Holocrons, You will Become a SithLord.

A SithLord Has the ability to use the FORCE, (Type:/force) You will receive a force lightning item.

Right Click to select a power of Nausea, Force Push, Force Choke, or Force Lightning to use on your enemy.

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