Mini Credit

As a Smuggler You need to Keep your Wits about you. No one should know whats going on behind that charming smile. Good intentions? Bad? thats for you to decide. 

As Smuggler You will have 9 extra storage compartments in your Inventory,That will stay with you even Death.

To Access type: /bp

Also Youll have a Blaster by your side. Type:

/shot get blaster

To become an AdvSmuggler, Youll need to obtain 15 experience (XP) point by doing Quests

As an AdvSmuggler Youll then have 27 extra storage compartments. and youll be able to use a Bowcaster.

/shot get Bowcaster

To become a ProSmuggler Youll need to get 300 minicredits by defeating certain NPCs.(they Drop the mini credits on death)

As a ProSmuggler You will have 57 extra Storage compartments and use of Explosive Charges.

/shot get Charges

Throw the  charge on the ground then click to detonate. 

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